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Purex 800i 2-3 Tier Parts

Blower Motor, 220v, Purex Pump
Blower Motor, 220v, Purex Pump
3 kg  8"x8"x13" ( 21 x 21 x 33cm)
7 lbs


Blower Notes: 300595GT / 220v

Machine Model: Alpha 400 / XBase 400

Notes:  The difference between the part number 300595GT and 300595 is the 300595GT does not have a coupling to attach a hose to the top of it. The Alpha’s and the 120V Xbase do use the regular version of the motor (300594 and 300595)  220V Xbase does use the 300595GT.  

Export Notes: HTS Code#: 8414.10.0000, Made in the UK-England



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