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Coding and Marking Fume Extraction Systems

Coding and Marking | Fume Extraction Systems

Laser coding/marking of components and other products manufactured from a variety of materials utilizes CO2, YAG and Diode lasers for precision engravings. The fumes produced from cutting into the substrates, lacquer, paint or other coatings can be hazardous. The Purex Fume Extraction Systems can help ensure compliance with International Health and Safety Law as well as provide cost savings to the production process. 

The materials that may be laser engraved include: wood, plastic, ceramics, metals, glass, rubber, enamel, foil, paper and cardboard.

Purex fume filtrations systems are designed to prevent damage to the laser and components, protect personnel from dangerous fumes, reduced product rejections as a result of poor laser performance, maintain constant extraction rate, provide a longer filter life, and interface with the laser.

Purex fume extractors don’t simply move toxic fumes to another area where they may be inhaled by others, it eliminates fumes through filters. This system provides cleaner air to a facility while ensuring no harm extends to the surrounding environment.

Contact us for help choosing the right Fume Extractor for your needs.

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