890180, Cascade, In-Line Filter from Purex (Vacuum Control) | Roland EGX-350 Rotary Engraver
890180 PUREX, Cascade, In-Line Filter (Vacuum Control)
890180 PUREX, Cascade, In-Line Filter (Vacuum Control)
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890180 Cascade, In-Line Filter (Vacuum Control) with filter # MPEF-111107

The Cascade Inline Unit acts as an additional pre-filter in applications where large amounts of particles are produced.

Note: Vacuum or Volume The Cascade Box is fitted with a silicone vacuum sensing tube. The tube should be connected to the inlet on all vacuum machines e.g. Xbase, Alpha and Digital Tip and Arm Applications. It should not be connected on volume machines.


Inline Filters

Purex Cascade inline filters have been designed for applications that produce a large volume of particulates which would quickly blocked other filters.

Cascade particle filter

For example, continuous engraving of rubber, wood and some plastics can rapidly clog normal extractor filters leading to excessive replacement costs. Recognizing the problem of consumable filter costs, Purex International has designed the 'Cascade', a unique multi pocket filter with an innovative concentric cone design.

The Cascade sits in its own cabinet and acts as the first stage of filtration. Large particles and other containments are captured by the Cascade, the air (free of large particles) is then routed to the Purex fume extractor where the Labyrinth pre-filter and main Hepa/Chemical filters clean the air of remaining particles and harmful gasses.

With the large particles removed by the Cascade, the filter life of the Labyrinth and Main filters are greatly extended. The Cascade dramatically reduces the life time costs of consumable filters.

The Cascade features a special media surface that allows particles to collect without sticking. When the Cascade appears to be blocked, as evidenced by an alarm, the operator simply shakes the Cascade to dislodge any particle build up and the filter can be used again.

Purex Cascade Filter

When the Cascade is finally full the operator can quickly and easily remove, empty and re-use the filter many times over


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