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TagCube by ProPen
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TagCube by ProPen
TagCube by ProPen
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Engraving Just Got a Lot Easier With TagCube


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Why Choose TagCube?

TagCube, at the height of compact engraving technology, engraves symbols and text onto various items and gifts to create unique and personal gifts.  Metals and plastics such as lighters, pens, jewels, tags, phones and more are ideal items to be engraved. The engraving system measures 22.5 cm x 27 cm, this includes a touch screen monitor and an on-screen keyboard as well as housing at the back to store engraving accessories. TagCube has no unsightly cable connections, no need for a PC, keyboard or mouse and no additional storage solutions are required. Simply plugin, play and tidy away.

TagCube, featuring a stylish, dark grey design, bears the hallmark of a renowned French designer. The machine engraves discreetly to help you bring engraving out of the workshop and into the shop. Placing the TagCube engraver in the front of your shop could help ensure maximum impact and customer attention.

The easy to use TagCube software offers a new approach to engraving for both you and your customers that will allow you to achieve premium engraving results in just 5 easy steps. In just 15 minutes of training, your sales assistant will be able to engrave with TagCube. Engraving preparation is simple; the engraving process, reliable. TagCube is designed to help you share the engraving moment, in full view of your customers and with their active participation.

 No need to outsource your engraving orders or postpone delivery until the items have been engraved because TagCube offers immediate results for immediate customer satisfaction.  The turnkey solution is both powerful and cost effective offering an excellent return on your investment.






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