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*Third-party testing shows Needlepoint Ionization is effective against COVID-19*

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Airborne Effectiveness = 99.4%             Surface Effectiveness = 80%


Crystal Clean Air

Bipolar Ionization Air Cleaner


NPBI® Has been proven to be effective against: Coronavirus, Norovirus, MRSA, Listeria, C-Diff, SARS, Strep, Legionella, E. Coli, and Swine Flu. NPBI is effective against VOCs, Odors, Mold, Mildew; and causes the agglomeration of airborne contaminants like particulate or molecules, aiding filtration capture or causing them to drop out of breathing areas sooner by increasing their mass.

Perfect for Public Areas:

Lobby Spaces, Libraries, Museums, Restaurants, Hotels, Dining areas, Educational facilities, Senior Living, Workout Rooms or Gyms, Locker rooms, Public Transit Spaces, Elevators, Indoor Grow Operations. Anyplace where large numbers of people may congregate, visit or travel through.

Locate Close To Sources of Pathogens:

Simple to install, these plug and play solutions, have a patented dispersion method maximizing ion concentration where they are installed. They require no modification of existing air handling systems. No contractors to pay. Mount on a wall or ceiling or place it on a table and plug it into a standard wall outlet.


Crystal Clean Air Purifier

  • Dims: 25” x 10”, 20 lbs
  • Airflow 1000 CFM-120 VAC-UL 867 Certified
  • Designed for maximum square footage areas of 2,650 sq. ft.



Crystal Clean Air Purifier

  • Dims: 10” x 8” x 5”, 11 lbs
  • Airflow 300 CFM-120 VAC-UL 867 Certified
  • Designed for maximum square footage areas of 350 sq. ft.

How Bi-Polar Ion Air Purification Works-

This Ion distribution unit utilizes Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization’s unique ability to disinfect the air and surfaces using positively and negatively charged ions. This simple to set up system requires no costly installation, while being maintenance free as well. This unit features a patented ion dispersion method maximizing ion concentration where they are installed.

Crystal Clean Personal Ionizer


Personal Ionizer:

Creates a personal ion bubble within 3-feet of the ionizer. Wear around your neck, place on a table top, or use with the vent in your vehicle. Protect yourself from air borne viruses, bacteria, odors, mold and more!


Makes a great gift for loved ones, the work place, trade shows etc.

Optional Car Vent Kit :

This allows for “on the go” ionization, creating a flood of ions by utilizing the forced air of the heating & cooling to spread ions out throughout the vehicle.


Protect your employees from exposure to toxins and contagions in the workplace. 
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