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X380 Cutting Laser Features

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Easy-to-use Control Panel

The X380 Laser makes complex tasks simple with its user-friendly control panel and powerful functions.

Programmable Origin

The X380 drastically simplifies repetitive work by allowing the origin position to be relocated to any desired location and position modes allow the operator an easy way to setup a job with Drag-N-Drop Engrave.

SmartBOXTM Cutting Accessory (Patented)

Air extraction is enhanced with the innovative ventilation box, honeycomb table and arrangeable magnetic supports.

Rigid and Reliable Construction

Like other GCC lasers the X380 is a solid machine which improves output quality and stability.

Motion System with DC Servo Motor

A high speed closed-loop DC Servo Motor gives this and other LaserPro lasers a precise and fast carriage movement for accurate cutting output.

Pass-through Front and Rear Doors

A Pass-through front and rear door design makes it possible to load very large working pieces.

Superb Cutting Quality

The LaserPro X380 can cut various application and is able to yield excellent cutting edges. Talk to a Jorlink Specialist to determine what Laser is right for your needs.

G-Cut (Optional)

GCC offers professional software (G-Cut) especially for machines with large working areas.  G-Cut enhances the output quality for vector cutting, specially made for machines with large working areas with a higher resolution output. 





X380 Cutting Laser Specs




To view Laser Cutting Depth Testing Information Document click here. 


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