GCC Samples:


 GCC Laser Pro T Shirt Flex Cutting  
 Laser Custom Bookmarks
 GCC LaserPro Application lab introducing our GCC LaserPro laser engraver by makeing a custom papewr book cover.
GCC LaserPro laser engraver is capable of controlling the laser energy precisely, so it is easy to engrave photographs or high quality logos.
 Engraving on a Ligher.
 FMC 270 is a compact sized fiber laser cutter designed for metal cutting.
The H230 for metal marking  with integrated Galvo system and a 600x 400mm work table, LaserPro H230 enables you to minimize time consuming loading and unloading workflow to mark with high throughput.

GCC---AASII (Automatic-Aligning System) Contour Cutting through GreatCut 2


 GCC LaserPro X-series laser cutting models are available in different sizes and are capable of moving precisely and stablely making it your best choice for laser cutting.
 GCC LaserPro C180 Rotary Attachment Demonstration
H230CS is designed specially for PCB marking includes a built-in industrial PC, CCD for Precise marking and Barcode reader which enables "Scan and Mark"  verification
 GCC LaserPro X series offers an economical alternative for laser cutting and engraving.  The GCC LaserPro X series is equipped with a dependable sealed CO2 laser which offers a reliable source of 80W and 100W of power for mass production requirements.
 GCC 252 example of production line process.   


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