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Bottle & Cylindrical Printing

Bottle & Cylindrical Printing
Bottle & Cylindrical PrintingBottle & Cylindrical PrintingBottle & Cylindrical Printing

Application Description

Create stunning, full-color images and raised TEXTUR3D™ prints on round items with cylindrical printing. Our Direct Jet UV LED Printers[1] and EasyCyl attachment makes cylindrical printing efficient and precise.  

Print directly on round objects such as:


  • Beer & Wine Bottles
  • Bottles
  • Cups
  • Candles
  • Awards
  • Tubes
  • Handles
  • Cans
  • Glasses
  • Jars
  • Tanks
  • Vases
  • And much more!

The EasyCyl attachment allows you to produce more product in less time. Print an approximately 5" x 5" (127mm x 127mm), full-color logo in less than 3 minutes! You also have unlimited substrate color choices for both white and full-color prints. Don't settle for only printing on white or light-colored cylindrical objects – print on all colors!


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