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Unlike exaust systems Purex commercial Fume Extractors do not put harmful fumes back into the environment.   Commercial fume filtration systems help with common hazards such as:

  • Solder fume
  • Welding fume
  • Laser fume from plastics, metals, wood 
  • Respirable dust
  • Solvents
  • 3D Printing
  • Continuous Ink Jet Coding and Marking
  • Laser Engraving
  • Laser Coding and Marking
  • Wide Format Printing
  • Reflow & Wave Soldering
  • Dye Sublimation
  • Manual Soldering
  • Laser & Robotic Soldering
  • Conformal & Underfill  Coatings
  • Clean-rooms & Laboratories
  • Education & Engineering Fume Extraction and Filtration


So, what makes Purex world leaders in the fume extraction industry?

  • Engineering. Welded Stainless Steel Chassis.
  • Service. Purex offer unrivalled customer support which is available  24/7.
  • Industry Experience. Purex provides high quality technical support to assist with extract enclosure / nozzle design, or to help solve practical extraction difficulties.
  • Ease of Maintenance. All components can be removed in minutes without the need for special tools, again resulting in reduced downtime.
  • Long filter life. Due to the use of the multi pocket high capacity pre-filter bag with its large surface area and graduated fibre density fabric.
  • Reduced Down Time. Filters can be changed in minutes.
  • Fully Displayed. Comprehensive instrumentation for filter condition and sensor status. Comprehensive gas and particulate monitoring system.
  • Quiet. Brushless motors used in our systems result in improved operator comfort.
  • Automatic Flow Control.  Easy set up of extraction volume for any process and automatic adjustment as the filters become blocked.
  • Available interfacing. Two way interfacing enable Purex units to be switched on and off remotely and warning signals to be received by integrated control systems.

Contact your Jorlink represenitive for help in planing the system right for your business.

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Commercial Fume Extraction Systems by Application: 

 Filter Finder Chart Purex Filter Finder Chart


About Purex:

For more than two decades, Purex International Ltd have manufactured Fume/Dust extraction systems with the aim of improving product quality, reducing process costs and protecting the health of personnel and the environment.

Purex extractors are constantly under development to deliver the most efficient and safety conscious equipment in the market. All equipment is built to help ensure:  

  • Your processes comply with the most recent health and safety regulations to protect workers
  • Your production line works at maximum efficiency and equipment is kept clean
  • You avoid environmental issues surrounding "vent to atmosphere" fume extraction

Jorlink USA is a Master Distributer for Purex Fume Extraction Products to the USA, Mexico, Latin America and Goverment, Educational Markets.  With Headquarters in Greensboro NCand Mexico D.F.

Why do people need fume extraction systems?
For health & safety information about hazardous dust and fumes see here.



View Detailed list of Captured Contaminates View Detailed list of Captured Contaminates MSDS Main Filter 113498   MSDS Main Filter 113498 
General Filter Composition  General Filter Composition Purex Recommended Units for GCC Purex Recommended Units for GCC
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