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Fume Extractors for Electronics Manufacturing Processes 

Solder fume extractionThe soldering process itself can produce some, if not all, of the fumes in the list below. These fumes can cause occupational asthma, long term carcinogenic diseases and other serious complaints. The result of these illnesses can be expensive compensation claims from employees, long term sickness and poor employee relations, plus heavy penalties from enforcement agencies.

Substances Removed:

Processes Requiring Fume Extraction Include:

  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C)
  • Abietic Acid
  • Pimaric Acid
  • Aliphatic Aldehydes
  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Isocyanates
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Reflow Ovens
  • Selective Soldering
  • Wave Soldering
  • Hand Soldering
  • Rework, Repair and Education
  • Laser & Robotic Soldering
  • Underfill
  • Conformal Coating
  • Printing
  • Solvent Applications
  • Purex Solution

Purex fume extraction systems are designed in conjunction with some of the worlds largest Contract Electronics Manufactures and Equipment Providers to help:

  • Prevent damage to production machinery.
  • Reduce downtime for cleaning and maintenance
  • Protect personnel from harmful fumes.
  • Reduce product rejects due to poor production performance.
  • Maintain a constant extraction rate to ensure stable temperature profiles.
  • Deliver long filter life.
  • Interface with the production equipment

After initial consultation Purex engineers can visit a site free of charge to carry out a survey and to suggest suitable designs and solutions. 

Contact us for help choosing the right Fume Extractor for your needs.

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Purex, 200i Volume Control Digital Fume Extractor, 120vac (LX-1639, 0LX2121D)

Purex Commercial Grade Fume Extraction System 

This machine can cater for:

  • 3 x 38mm Arms

  • 2 x Cleancabs

  • 2 x Cowls

  • up to 30 Tips

  • Inkjet Printers (Coding & Marking)

  • Lasers (Coding & Marking)

  • Automatic electronic flow control - maintains a constant extraction rate even as the filter blocks

  • Speed control (adjustable airflow)

  • Clear and informative graphic display

  • Gas sensor and particle sensor on the exhaust

  • Low capital and running costs

  • Quick change patented Labyrinth pre-filter delivers longer filter life

  • Submicronic (HEPA Filter) filtration removes 99.997% of particles down to 0.3 microns

  • Activated Carbon Filters removes harmful gas

  • Simple to install and quiet in operation

  • Easy to relocate and precision made from stainless steel

  • Optional interfacing option

  • Compatible to Purex LX-1639

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114.4 lbs
Our Sale Price: $3,525.00
You save: $352.50 (9.09%)

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Purex 1500i Digital Filtration System

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275 lbs
Our Sale Price: $8,220.00
You save: $904.00 (9.91%)
400i PVC, Domino DPX2000
400i PVC, Domino DPX2000

Purex 400i-PVC Filtration System with Connection Kit (Same as Domino DPX2000)

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MPE-400i PVC
114.4 lbs
Our Sale Price: $5,720.00
You save: $629.20 (9.91%)
400i, Domino DPX1000
400i, Domino DPX1000

Purex, 400i Filtration System with Connection Kit (Same as Domino DPX1000, LO50018)

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175 lbs
Our Sale Price: $3,980.50
You save: $437.50 (9.9%)

 Purex, 5000i Digital Fume Extractor (0LX5551D), 220v

This machine can cater for:

  • 30 x 38mm Arms
  • 20 x Cleancabs
  • 20 x Cowls
  • Reflow Ovens
  • Wave Soldering Machines
  • Lasers (Coding & Marking)
  • Lasers (Engraving)
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736 lbs
Our Sale Price: $12,945.00
You save: $1,423.95 (9.91%)
800i-2 Domino DPX1500
800i-2 Domino DPX1500

Purex, 800i, 120v 2-Tier Filtration System (Same as Domino DPX 1500, l050020)

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DPX 1500
195 lbs
Our Sale Price: $5,410.25
You save: $594.75 (9.9%)
FumeCube Single Arm
FumeCube Single Arm

072155-1 Purex, FumeCube Multi Voltage, Single Arm Kit (110vac or 220vac)

 Purex Arm Extraction for a Single User Filters available for solder or chemical fume. Supplied with one 38mm stainless steel arm with pen nib nozzle which can be simply attached to the workbench by using a versatile clamp bracket. If the work area moves, the Fume-Cube can be relocated in minutes.

Includes: Pre-Filter Pad (200225) 
Main Filter Type (SELECT): Std-HEPA/Chemical 110536 (or) Chemical 110537 (or) Cleanroom 110538
Supplied with 100295 Arm Kit:
1 x 51mm x 2m Flexible Hose (Black)
2 x Connecting Cuffs (Black)
1 X Clamped Bracket
1 x 38mm Stainless Steel Flexible Arm & Valve
1 x 38mm Pen Nib Nozzle & 2 x Conical Cowl
HTS Code: 8421 39 8015

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22 lbs
Our Sale Price: $965.00
You save: $106.15 (9.91%)


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