MPEF-202274 Filter, Purex Labyrinth Pre-filter, Grade F8/F9 Composite, Pack of 2 (Alpha200, Alpha400/ 300i)- Previous part 111095 | Purex Analogue Fume Extractors Filtration Systems
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Purex Analogue control panel models are an economical option with the same quality and functions
All units include visual and audible warning signals to allert you and reduce down time
If this is your first time purchasing a fume extraction system please contact our filtration experts,
they can help you locate the best filtration system for your needs. 
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Filter 202274, Purex Labyrinth Pre-filter
Filter 202274, Purex Labyrinth Pre-filter
2kg. 15"X11"X10" (36x28x24cm)
5 lbs

Filter Notes: Grade F8/F9 Composite, Pack of 2 . Previous 111095
Machine Model: Alpha200/400/300i
Export Notes: HTS Code: 8421.99.0180,  Made in the UK-England
Freight Class: 125, NMFC# 069100-03

Fine grade, composite fiber matrix delivers excellent particle capture capacity - up to 20 times more than a standard filter.

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