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Laser Products

A stand-alone, easy to use solution for producing trophies and awards, signage, parts marking, and 3D engraving.

Laser with Photo, EngraveLab Ver. 10

Runs virtually all laser engravers (GCC, Epilog, Trotec, ULS, Gravograph and many others) available today including support for Ruida™ as well as Leetro™ (in the Laser “L” Edition) controller-based machines. EngraveLab Laser is a stand-alone design and production software package that eliminates the need for use of third-party design applications in most production workflow environments.

Using the complete selection of design, layout and production features including STL file import with interactive 3D preview, as well as support for raster engraving and vector cutting. Users can rely on EngraveLab Laser for all projects start to finish.


Laser Products

CorelDraw™ users, or those looking to create photorealistic laser engravings. Process photographic images in PhotoLaser Plus and ensure the highest quality laser engraving output.

PhotoLaser Plus, EngraveLab Ver. 10 

Specifically designed for amazingly detailed photo conversion laser output to a wide variety of materials, PhotoLaser Plus is ideal for shops already using third-party design applications but looking for professional-grade, consistently produced photo-realistic output.

Seamless file transfer with Corel™ enables users to quickly and easily convert images to grey-scale in order to make them laser-ready. PhotoLaser Plus also includes basic text entry and design tools as well as a host of engraving-specific production tools such as variable data (badges) support.


Rotary Product

Users looking for a complete rotary engraving solution. Includes all of the features required for complete text composition, design, layout, and production. EngraveLab also offers in-depth braille support for government compliant (including ADA) production.

Expert, EngraveLab Ver. 10

Includes support for the latest as well as most widely used legacy spindle-based engravers. EngraveLab Expert is feature packed with text composition, design and automated production tools that provide engraving shops the ability to produce a wide variety of products efficiently and easily.

Extensive third-party file format support as well seamless interface with other design applications simplify working with customer supplied artwork with little to no pre-production issues. EngraveLab Expert also includes complete Braille layout and design tools featuring the latest braille translation libraries as well as industry standard ADA (United States) compliance features.

Users who want to run their entire engraving shop from one ultimate production engraving solution.

Pro, EngraveLab Ver. 10

The best of both worlds. Versatility in a single package for both rotary and laser engravers. Run your entire engraving shop from the ultimate production engraving solution.

Quickly add another dimension for text, logos, and artwork with 3D chisel tool paths. The 3D chisel tool path creates carved-looking trophies, awards, and signs. Also included is true shape nesting that minimizes material usage for cutting out parts. By increasing your design capabilities and saving production time, the net result is maximized profits. The Pro package is a single software solution for rotary and laser engravers, vinyl cutters, and CNC machines.

Rotary Product Laser Products

Rotary Product

Users looking for a basic software package that can be upgradeable at any point to include the advance features that Expert or Pro can offer.

EngraveLink Foundation Ver. 10

EngraveLink, Version 10, Same as EngraveLab Foundation with Extra Features which Includes: Roland & Meistergram Driver Support with Meistergram D14 Software file Import, Badges & Arc Feature. MSRP $695

Provides you with a solid beginning to computerized engraving with tools for all your basic engraving needs.

Begin with industry-leading import filters, extensive file format support includes DXF, EPS, AI and PDF. Enhance your basic text with imported graphics, and improve your engraving efficiency with single-line engraving fonts. Output to a variety of Rotary Engravers, Vinyl Cutters, and CNC Machines.




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