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Glass vs. Metal Laser Tubes

Should you choose a metal or glass laser tube?

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Metal vs Glass Laser Tubes

What’s the Difference?
Glass Tubes-


Laser Labeler and Decal Cutter now available from Jorlink

Continuous production saves time and manual laber

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New at Jorlink. Laser Labeler and Decal Cutter by GCC World makes the process of producing large quantities continuously with very little manual labor required. https://goo.gl/cHKnb3

Cut PET Film With Clean and Smooth Edge Using this 9.3 Sealed CO2 Laser

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Ruth Stafford Peale, wife of The Power of Positive Thinking author, Norman Vincent Peale is credited with the famous quote “Find a need and fill it!” In today’s business world not only must we find the need and fill it, but we must find more needs and fill them better. How do we do that?

GCC LaserPro and Jorlink Know-How

News and updates - Jorlink

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Since War of The Worlds we’ve been fascinated by lasers. What they are – How they work– How to tame them. GCC LaserPro and Jorlink know how.

LASER is the acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.
In earlier discussions we’ve talked about how to choose the right laser for your business; how to get started once the laser is in place; even the differences between lasers and rotary engravers. So what about other options in laser engraving and cutting? For instance:


How does a CO2 laser engraver work?  

A CO2 laser works by electrically stimulating the molecules of a carbon dioxide gas mixture. When this invisible but intensive beam is focused through a lens it can vaporize many materials. The speed and intensity of the C02 laser beam determines the wide variety of materials it is able to engrave or cut through.



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