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Production Line Integration of Lasers, Printers, and Fume Collection Units

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Production Line Integration of

 Lasers, Printers, and Fume Collection Units


Coding of assembly-line products

Application of production dates, lot numbers, serial numbers and other identifying marks has become an important part of the production line process.  The information added to the products help manage everything from food quality to product recall and warranty related services.  Product serial numbers can also be used to limit the number of items recalled in the event of part failure. Without permanent marks on products, it would be difficult if not impossible to identify products in smaller lot sizes.



Things to consider in the production line process

Different materials require different coding or marking techniques.  The material type and speed of the production line could also necessitate the use of a particular type of laser, printer, or scribe tool.  It is also important to consider the production line run time. For example, if you run a production line needs to run continuously you will not want to stop the production line to add ink or service a laser that is not designed for continuous use.  Keeping your production line running can save your company a lot of money in down time.

In addition to coding most productions lines create some dust, smoke, or chemical fume toxins.  To keep the work air safe for your staff and to protect the equipment from damage, a proper air cleaning of dust and fumes is vital.  Some production lines require air cleaning near the source of the pollution.  For example, near printers, lasers, soldering equipment or where welding is taking plac

FAQ - How do I use Adobe Acrobat reader DC to output to LaserPro products?

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How do I use Adobe Acrobat reader DC to output to LaserPro products?

For cutting jobs, the cutting line width should be 0.001mm (set to hairline is not enough).

1. Use Adobe Acrobat reader DC to open pdf files. Then click File/Print.

2. Select GCC LaserPro driver (in this case is Spirit 4.08-01) and then click properties (the red circle below).

3. Set the proper power and speed and other parameters and then click print.

4. Make sure that the Advanced tag has the settings seen in the attached article document.

FAQ - Should there be a gap at the joint of cutting lines after the mainboard is replaced?

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Should there be a gap at the joint of cutting lines after the mainboard is replaced?

The cause is that the laser tube model is not correctly set.

A default laser tube model will be set in the firmware (mainboard) before GCC ships the mainboard to the customer. The default laser tube model might be different if the board is replaced on a customer’s machine - it might need to be modified.

Modifying the laser tube model:

FAQ - Will it shorten the life time of my laser tube if the power setting is at 100%?

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Will it shorten the lifetime of my laser tube if the power setting is at 100%?


Perhaps you will feel that setting the laser tube at its power limit (power set to 100%) might bring negative consequences, especially in regards to the lifetime of laser tube. Indeed, for most industrial products this critical operation might shorten its service life. However, we have to realize one thing first - for a laser tube, outputting at a 100% level is not a kind of critical operation, too high of an unstable current is.

While the power supply of the laser tube is outputting a regular and stable current to the laser tube, no matter which power level you are using, it won’t affect the service time of the tube even if you set the power level at 100% in the driver.



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