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Production Line Integration of Lasers, Printers, and Fume Collection Units

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Production Line Integration of

 Lasers, Printers, and Fume Collection Units


Coding of assembly-line products

Application of production dates, lot numbers, serial numbers and other identifying marks has become an important part of the production line process.  The information added to the products help manage everything from food quality to product recall and warranty related services.  Product serial numbers can also be used to limit the number of items recalled in the event of part failure. Without permanent marks on products, it would be difficult if not impossible to identify products in smaller lot sizes.



Things to consider in the production line process

Different materials require different coding or marking techniques.  The material type and speed of the production line could also necessitate the use of a particular type of laser, printer, or scribe tool.  It is also important to consider the production line run time. For example, if you run a production line needs to run continuously you will not want to stop the production line to add ink or service a laser that is not designed for continuous use.  Keeping your production line running can save your company a lot of money in down time.

In addition to coding most productions lines create some dust, smoke, or chemical fume toxins.  To keep the work air safe for your staff and to protect the equipment from damage, a proper air cleaning of dust and fumes is vital.  Some production lines require air cleaning near the source of the pollution.  For example, near printers, lasers, soldering equipment or where welding is taking plac

Production line printing/coding on cables, wiring, pipes and more...

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Header image:  montage of coded cables, wiring, moulded products, pipes, etc

Linx understands that coding and marking in the extrusion industry is highly challenging.  There’s no easy way to stop the production line if there is a technical difficulty without huge consequence for costly waste.  Add to this the harsh operating environments with possible heat and dust, and the task of minimising downtime is even more pressing. 

They also appreciate you need a robust, reliable coder particularly suited to these challenges.  Linx has proven experience gained over 30 years in delivering consistent coding and the tough printers use inks with excellent adhesion to meet the demands of the high-output extrusion industry.



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