Diagnostic/On-line Telephone Support & Training Options

We can help you with: GCC LaserPro Equipment | Pinnacle Signwarehouse Lasers | Roland Rotary Machines | Meistergram\HSquare Engravers along with CorelDraw, EngraveLab, PhotoGraV or Doctor Engrave Software. 
(Purchase Cadlink support for EngraveLab and SignLab)

We track all cases via our HelpDesk Software where you can communicate with us, upload files, find drivers and updated software or search through our Knowledge base for commonly ask questions.


Live Support Options

 Per Event\Case Phone Support (Option 1) 

Get a specialized diagnostic telephone\web support session. Our technician will work with you to resolve your incident.  Click here to order

Yearly Phone Support Plan - Gold Care Plan (Option 2)

Unlimited per incident support cases per year plus added benefits such as discounted  troubleshooting tools (laser power meter, belt tension tester, table alignment tool, etc...), returns  allowed on parts with re-stocking fee.  SLA response time within 24 hours. Click here to order

 FREE e-Mail Support (Option 3)
Create and online ticket with our HelpDesk software and receive email suggestions, advice, drivers,  user manuals and other downloads. Limited to and SLA response time of 24-48 hours or sooner and  troubleshooting support via our online HelpDesk Q&A section.  Follow us on Social Media (FaceBook or Instagram) and get a free one time phone consultation call.

 On-Line Training\Recorded Sessions(Option 4)


Jorlink now offers an efficient Interactive, cost effective way to train or update your skills via the  Internet One-on-One. Everyone knows that face-to-face training is the most effective, but it's time  consuming and expensive. Now you have a new option; with Jorlink's Interactive Internet e-Demo, e- Training and Tele-Conference service we can do training with you at your premises and a live  instructor at the other end whenever is more convenient to you!  Make sure you ask for your session to be recorded so you will have a future guide for you and your employees.

 (1) One hour session billed at $90 (Click below to see promo rates)
 (2) Two hour session billed at $160
 (3) Three hour session billed at $210

 Click Here to order.







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