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Lease Financing Options and Benefits

For many years Jorlink has used the services of Ron Emerman as our leasing/financing officer.  To learn more about lease oportunities and the benefits please contact him directly.

Ron Emerman
Leasing Consultant
PH: 800-460-0097
Fax: 704-596-0820
Email: ronemerman@gmail.com

  • Direct bank rates
  • There is no down payment or advance payments.
  • Documentation fees are only $129
  • Principal only payoff after 18 months mos.
  • Uses an Equipment Finance Agreement (EFA); no balance due at the end of the EFA. Therefore equipment qualifies for section 179 tax write off of 100% of the cost of the equipment in the year purchased.

For a more complete description of these programs and a quotation please feel free to contact Ron Emerman.



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