OnLine e-training and Tele-Conference session(s).

OnLine e-training and Tele-Conference session(s).
Our Sale Price: $495.00
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Jorlink now offers an efficient Interactive, cost effective way to train or update your skills via the Internet One-on-One. Everyone knows that face-to-face training is the most effective, but it's time consuming and expensive. Now you have a new option; with Jorlink's Interactive Internet e-Demo, e-Training and Tele-Conference service we can do training with you at your premises and a live instructor at the other end whenever is more convenient to you

Phase 1 (45+ min): Discovery, learning about your business, marking\engraving needs.  Setup PC\Software\Machine Configuration.

Phase 2 (45+ min): Learning about the software, creating jobs, highlights of machine.

Phase 3 (45+ min): Q&A, Advance questions, Running Production Job

* Weekend hours may be available with for an additional $50 to block of time
** Remember, 3-Hours is NOT to compare to an onsite Setup\Training, we will do our best at helping you understand your equipment.  If more hours are needed, let us know so we can quote additional time.

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