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What Laser Marking Material to Use

Watch the test

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This month we’re going to address a very common question we’re often asked,

“What is the difference between CerMark, TherMark and LaserBond 100?” 

Well, they all work with basically the same laser settings to produce permanent black marks on metal surfaces. However, when first applied, CerMark dries to a paint-like tan color, TherMark dries to a powdery light gray color and LaserBond 100 dries to a powdery darker gray color. Probably the best way for us to describe the difference is to simply show you the results! Click the link below to see a helpful video comparison:

Here’s a little more information about the science behind laser marking:

Annealing is a comprehensive term. The process of such a heat treatment may be: to remove stresses; to induce softness; to alter ductility; toughness; electrical magnetic, or other physical properties; to refine the crystalline structure; to remove gases; to produce a definite micro-structure.   ( From    It can be used to describe heating and cooling processes for metals and non-metals alike and appears to have no direct relationship to the presence or absence of carbon.   In the broadest sense, annealing is correctly used when described in laser marking as heating followed by cooling to produce a definitive micro-structure.  Carbon Migration is borrowed from welding where carbon migration is considered to be a significant factor in determining the life of a weld and appears to be a well-studied phenomena.  Carbon migration (AIAG Spec B-17) and laser discolorization (SAE AS9132) are standard terms in our industry to describe the effects of darkening material.        

How to Start Your Own Laser Engraving or Marking Service

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Most businesses are costly to start up and put a large investment at risk.  With the right approach a laser engraving or marking business can be started for less than the cost of the average vehicle.  Purchasing the right equipment and choosing a solid marketing plan will be the two things that lead you to success. 

Fake Purex Filters

Don't damage your Purex Machine with fake filters

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We have seen an increase in damaged machines due to the use of fake filters.

The Ultimate Laser Marking Material Test

Laser marking qualities vary from brand to brand. Learn what brand would be best for your project.

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Testing the Top 5 Laser Marking Materials

Learn what laser marking material performed better in tests such as:

  • What laser marking material has the blackest mark? 
  • What laser marking material is most durable before marking?
  • Which laser marking material is most durable after laser marking?
  • What marking material applies the fastest for mass production?

Direct to Substrate Printing With DCS

One of the most innovative printers in the industry capable of 3d printing

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Direct Color Systems (DCS) leads the industry in developing direct-to-substrate UV LED inkjet printing technology. These printers are designed to produce high-resolution raised prints which is ideal when printing on anything other than paper. The technology in the UV LED flatbed printers can print on many substrates and is both fast and simple to use.
To use the printer, simply upload your template, create your artwork, position the product in the printer, and press print. Within minutes your item will be ready for sale, display, or any other utilization. The ingenuity of the UV LED flatbed printer allows the ink to be layered in a way that produces a flawless finished product. The ink tanks use every drop of ink; cutting down on the need to shake the tank and risking a spill, and are also refillable.

The uses for the UV LED printer include producing braille signs that are ADA compliant, graphic phone cases, 3D signs, award plaques, cylindrical printing (golf balls, beer bottles, etc.). On top of the many uses that the printer provides, it is also able to reduce labor and printing costs thanks to the refillable ink system.


DCS’s direct-to-substrate UV LED inkjet printer is a necessary piece of equipment for any business looking to produce high quality, raised prints while saving labor and operating costs.



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