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IPI Plastics are now UL Certified

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IPI platics used for rotary and laser marking are now UL Certified. UL is a global safety science leader, UL Solutions helps companies to demonstrate safety, enhance sustainability, strengthen security, deliver quality, manage risk and achieve regulatory compliance. For information about UL certifications please visit UL Solutions.



Glass vs. Metal Laser Tubes

Should you choose a metal or glass laser tube?

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Metal vs Glass Laser Tubes

What’s the Difference?
Glass Tubes-


Manna Food Bank Donation

Local Outreach helps kids get involved in donations

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Food Drive

Following Holloween one of our staff members puts on a Manna Food Bank Drive in Asheville North Carolina. The display is designed to help get kids involved in donations and never fails to bring back childhood memories for the adults as well.  So far this year we are up to 1500 meals.

Food Bank Dontations


Production Line Integration of Lasers, Printers, and Fume Collection Units

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Production Line Integration of

 Lasers, Printers, and Fume Collection Units


Coding of assembly-line products

Application of production dates, lot numbers, serial numbers and other identifying marks has become an important part of the production line process.  The information added to the products help manage everything from food quality to product recall and warranty related services.  Product serial numbers can also be used to limit the number of items recalled in the event of part failure. Without permanent marks on products, it would be difficult if not impossible to identify products in smaller lot sizes.







Things to consider in the production line process

Different materials require different coding or marking techniques.  The material type and speed of the production line could also necessitate the use of a particular type of laser, printer, or scribe tool.  It is also important to consider the production line run time. For example, if you run a production line needs to run continuously you will not want to stop the production line to add ink or service a laser that is not designed for continuous use.  Keeping your production line running can save your company a lot of money in down time.

In addition to coding most productions lines create some dust, smoke, or chemical fume toxins.  To keep the work air safe for your staff and to protect the equipment from damage, a proper air cleaning of dust and fumes is vital.  Some production lines require air cleanin



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