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Purex Filter Shelf-Life

How long can you keep a Purex filter without it degrading?

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Purex Filter Shelf-Life

According to the manufactury "We do not allocate a shelf life to Purex filters because if they are kept in sealed
packaging and stored in a dry area there should be no degradation due to
environmental conditions.
Particle filters such as Pads, Labyrinth Bags, HEPAs and Cascades are
fabricated from synthetic polymer or borosilicate (glass like) fibres which are
not subject to oxidation or UV degradation.
The activated carbon blends used for gas removal in Purex filters will adsorb
airborne contaminants over time but their performance should not degrade if
packaged and stored correctly."

Information received 2022-06

Production line printing/coding on cables, wiring, pipes and more...

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Header image:  montage of coded cables, wiring, moulded products, pipes, etc

Linx understands that coding and marking in the extrusion industry is highly challenging.  There’s no easy way to stop the production line if there is a technical difficulty without huge consequence for costly waste.  Add to this the harsh operating environments with possible heat and dust, and the task of minimising downtime is even more pressing. 

They also appreciate you need a robust, reliable coder particularly suited to these challenges.  Linx has proven experience gained over 30 years in delivering consistent coding and the tough printers use inks with excellent adhesion to meet the demands of the high-output extrusion industry.



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