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To do a Google Review you will need to have a Gmail account set up.  

If you are logged into Gmail you should be able to do this in two steps.

  1. Log into Gmail
  2. click on this link
  3. All that is left to do it give us a 5 star rating and tell us how great we are:)

If that doesn't work you can do these 7 steps

  1. Sign in to your gmail account or if you don't have one sign up at
  2. Surf to
  3. In the search line, search for Jorlink in Greensboro
  4. Select  Jorlink
  5. Click on the word REVIEWS just after the rating stars
  6. Note: At this point you should see a note saying WRITE A REVIEW if you don't see that note you may have written one already and google only allows one. 
  7. All that is left to do it give us a 5 star rating and tell us how great we are:)


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To help protect the environment Jorlink reuses card board boxes