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Linx Laser Coder

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Superior quality codes at some of the fastest speeds available on the market

The Linx SLHP is a high power, 120 W CO2 laser which can code accurately at high speeds - for example in excess of 70,000 bottles per hour on high speed beverage production lines. The high power allows many different materials to be marked quickly and permanently –including traditionally hard-to-mark substrates such as glass, rubber, and PET.

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Large Industrial Metal Cutting Lasers

Cast Iron Bed

Auto Focus Laser Head

Up to 20,000 Watts

Up to 140m/min. Speed

Accuracy 0.02 to 0.05mm

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Tired of Stocking two or three products for laser marking?

CerMark® ULTRA is specifically formulated to laser mark on all laser markable substrates such as metals, glass, ceramics and more.

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Direct to Garment Printer

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New -

Low Cost

High Quality

Low Odor

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed*

You have nothing to lose and so much to save!

• One chemical for metals, ceramics, glass, stone & plastics • Use less, save more, ~25% savings • Nanoparticle technology help reduce nozzle clogging • Almost odor free, promise, not many fumes or odor to smell • Dries quickly and faster with a longer shelf life, about 2+ years • Satisfaction guarantee, customer and technical support available via email and phone

*30 Day Full Credit Guarantee- if not satisfied. Call for details

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Laser Engraving Machines



Mercury III


Spirit LS & GLS



Metal CO2 Tubes Powered by Synrad & Made in the USA

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CO² and Fiber Hybrid laser option in one laser machine

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Featuring Glass Laser Tubes Starting at Just $8000!

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Purex Clean Air

Dirty Air?

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GCC Lasers for Marking, engraving and cutting

GCC LaserPro

GCC Laser Cutting, Engravers and Marking Machines



Linx Production Speed Laser Coder

High Quality Coding at High Speeds


Purex Fume Extaction Systems | Commercial Filters

Purex Fume Extraction

 Purex Fume Systems for the Laser, Coding/Marking and Electronics Industry.

Direct Color Systems

 DCS Direct Jet UV LED Printers with Texture 3D Printing and its own Patented ADA-Compliant Braille Sign Printing.


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