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Alumamark for Markable Aluminum

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 AlumaMark Laser Markable Aluminum

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AlumaMark is not another painted metal or metalized plastic, Marking is on real aluminum with a black mark is made possible with AlumaMarks unique aluminum material with a low power CO2 laser (GCC LaserPro, Epilog, Universal Laser Systems, Trotec, BOSS Laser or other Chinese Laser Machines). AlumaMark is available in silver, gold, bronze, brass or colored backgrounds. AlumaMark is ideal for Trophy Plates, Labels, Interior Signage and more.

Add AlumaMark to your list of custom materials and save on the cost of other more expensive alternatives. Contact Jorlink to order AlumaMark materials today.

How it works-

AlumaMark® is manufactured with silver, gold, bronze, brass or colored backgrounds. Laser marking of AlumaMark® with a 10.6 or 9.3 micron CO2 laser selectively darkens the coating through a thermal reaction. This allows for high resolution and contrast images to be cleanly marked on metal substrates with a CO2 laser.


From Among Hundreds of AlumaMark Applications:

Wayfinding SignageAlumaMark on a Plaque Donor PlaquesAlumaMark

AlumaMark on a TrophyAlumaMark Name TagsAlumaMark helps with signsAlumaMark Architectural Signage


AlumaMark is available in these fine colors:

AlumaMark in Satin RedAlumaMark in Satin OrangeAlumaMark in Satin YellowAlumaMark in Satin GreenAlumaMark in Satin Blue

AlumaMark in Satin GoldAlumaMark in Satin BrassAlumaMark in Mirrored GoldAlumaMark in Mirrored SilverAlumaMark in Matte SilverAlumaMark in Satin Sliver

AlumaMark Product Offerings:


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AM5267 AlumaMark, Matte Silver .020" - 12"x20" No Adh.
.020 x 12 x 20
5 lbs
Our Sale Price: $78.00
You save: $10.50 (11.86%)
A2033 Aluminum, Anodized Black Aluminum 12" X 24" .025"
1 lbs
Our Sale Price: $11.00
You save: $0.75 (6.38%)
AM5252 AlumaMark - Satin Brass - CO2 Laser Markable Aluminum 12 x 20 Inch /box 5 Sheets
NUS 454
.020 x 12 x 20
4 lbs
Our Sale Price: $83.00
You save: $13.76 (14.22%)


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