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Purex FumeCube 1-2 Arm Parts

Blower Motor, Purex Pump
Blower Motor, Purex Pump

DISCONTINUED Blower Motor, Purex Pump
Machine Model: FumeCube
Blower Notes: Multi Voltage 120v or 230v

Note: contact us regarding replacement options


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3kg, 8"x8"x13" ( 21 x 21 x 33cm)
6 lbs
Blower Motor, Purex Pump
Blower Motor, Purex Pump

Blower Notes:  (May incur additional transportation charges)

​* Equipment Serial # required to confirm the proper motor configuration
Machine Model: 4000i
Export Notes: FOB Shipping Point UK, ETD: 2-3 Weeks HTS Code#: 8414.10.0000, Made in the UK-England

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61kg @ 48"x32"x25" (122x107x64)
133 lbs
Board, Purex PCB
Board, Purex PCB


Machine Model: Alpha / Xbase / New FumeCube/ FumeCube Max + Potentiometer (before 400048)

Export Notes: HTS Code#: 9537103000, Made in the UK-England
DIM's: 3Lbs 1.4kg. 6"x6"x7" (1.4kg, 16x16x18cm)

* In order to Configure this PCB we require the following information from your Purex Machine, Equipment Model:   Equipment Serial #:  Hose Kit Type\Part #:

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6"x6"x7" (16x16x18cm)
3 lbs
Board, Purex PCB Volume Control
Board, Purex PCB Volume Control

Machine Model:  Volume Control (Digital Series Laserex Previous #: 400001 or Digital PCB 400002)
Export Notes: HTS Code#: 9537103000, Made in the UK-England


* Requires Machine Model, Serial # and Voltage for configuration before shipment.

** Volume control board, the motor adjusts according to how much airflow is moving through the system.


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1.4kg. 6"x6"x7" (16x16x18cm)
3 lbs
Connection kit
Connection kit


Kit Notes: 125mm - 80mm x 3.0m Connection kit

Machine Models: 400i/ 400i Dye Sub/ I Fume Orange,Violet,Green and Red 

Export Notes: HTS Code #: 8421392090, Made in the UK-England

  • Diameter of customer's port = 125mm

  • Length of hose = 3.0m

  • Purex machine inlet diameter = 80mm

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4kg. 16x16x13" (39x39x33cm)
9 lbs
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