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LaserBond™ 100


Aerosol Spray for Black Laser Marked Surfaces

LBT100 for Laser Marking

LaserBond™ 100 is an all purpose aerosol spray that creates a solid black mark on Ceramic, Glass and most uncoated metals including; stainless steel, brass, aluminum, copper, chrome plating and many more! 

Winner of the 'Best New Technology' at the 2013 ARA trade show in Las Vegas

LaserBond™ 100 all purpose aerosol spray is premixed at the correct consistency, so no diluting is necessary and it uses the latest in nanoparticle technology. Applied like a regular can of spray paint, one can will cover approximately 1100+ square inches.

The versatility of LaserBond™ 100 is due to its nanoparticle technology saving you money by not having to purchase several different products to mark or decorate various types of surfaces.

Standard Features:

For Product Identification, Decoration, Branding and more
Quick and Easy to Use
Permanent & High Contrast Marking
Low Odor Laser Marking Material
Will not Crack or Peel
Resistant to Corrosion, Abrasion & Fading

*Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Instructions  LaserBond 100 Aerosol Spray Can Instructions 

SDS PDF for Spray
SDS PDF for Paste


Liquid LBT100 for Laser MarkingLiquid Ink for Black Laser Marked Surfaces

50 grams for only $49.95, 1,000 grams for only 324.95 

LaserBond™ 100 Liquid Ink is a concentrated formulation for application using manual brush-on techniques, air brushing, industrial spraying, pad printing or screen printing. It is a water-based product and should be diluted 1:1 with ethanol for brush-on application using either a foam or bristle brush and for pad or screen printing. For application with air brushing or industrial spraying equipment, it should be diluted 2:1 with ethanol to provide the proper consistency.

Laser Bond Test 1Laser Bond test 2Laser Bond Test 3Laser Bond Test 4Laser Bond Test 5

* Guarantee to work, if you dont like it simply let us know via our survey and we will credit your account towards the purchase of a similar product. 

Video of 5 product comparison

Laser Bond Marking Video

Save up to 25% of marking material costs with less odor, faster production speeds and get a durable high contrast mark.

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