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365GC Support Plan, Yearly Diagnostic Phone\Remote Contract
365GC Support Plan, Yearly Diagnostic Phone\Remote Contract
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365GC Support Plan, Yearly Diagnostic Remote Contract

  • SLA-Level Agreement Program with online access to your case history, monitored by the manufacturer and Jorlink technical staff.
  • Extended hours of operation upon request (weekends or early evenings)
  • Loaner tools can be provided for troubleshooting purposes such as our Laser Tube Power Meter (value at $150/loan, processing/ship fee applies) or other technician tools.
  • DISCOUNTS, 10% on Labor & Most Parts\Supplies (tube repairs are excluded).
  • Returns allowed on parts with a Standard Re-stocking Fee, see our Terms of Sale
  • HelpDesk with Q&A Area, OS Software Drivers, and Firmware, Updates. 
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