Diagnostic Phone Support for GCC LaserPro, Roland Engraver or Vinyl Cutters, Purex Filtration Systems, CADlink EngraveLab SignLab Software | Roland EGX-350 Rotary Engraver
1-On-1 Diagnostic Phone Call Support, Per Case Troubleshooting
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1-On1 Diagnostic Phone Call Support, Per Case Troubleshooting Evaluation

(After your purchase a Jorlink represenitive will be in touch to arrange the meeting time and to provide you with a meeting link. Please be sure to select a perfered time-frame)

Disclaimer: (a) We will do our best to troubleshoot and evaluate the problem and attempt to reach a solution. This will require clients to make adjustments and repairs on their own with our remote assistance and instructions. Parts may need to be purchased with a no-returns policy unless you have an active membership in our yearly 365-Support program.

(b) A per event/case call will be limited to sixty minutes (60-90 min Max); if the problem has not been resolved within this time, we will provide other suggestions for on-site service or additional paid services.

(c) Use our online appointment link under the 10-15 Min.-Free of Charge or Warranty-GoldCare Clients-FOC session for additional time.

(d) We recommend having a person on-site with experience in the Electro-Mechanical field assist as there is electrical testing with a digital voltage meter that may be required.  CAUTION MUST be taken when around electricity or working to measure laser tube power, use protective eyewear or any other safeguards.

(e) REPAIRS ARE NOT GUARANTEED, please discuss with your Sales Rep. on upgrades and credits for our services with any tradein equipment.

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