Employment Opportunities in Jorlink

Employment Opportunities
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Jorlink USA, a distributor of engraving and graphics equipment, in Greensboro, NC is looking for you if you are:

  • People oriented, a team player.
  • Technically competent individual, learning at your own pace.
  • Self-starter, making this your own position with willingness to learn, grow and direct.


  • Technicians (In-House, F/T) - Start Date: Immediately - Job Description
  • Bookkeeper\Accounting (In-House, P/T) - Start Date: Immediately 
  • Customer Service\Sales Admin (In-House, F/T) - Start Date: Immediately 
  • Commercial-Inside Sales Rep. (In-House & Remote) - Start Date: TBD or as 1099 Sales Rep.
  • GSA-GOV-Inside Sales Rep. (In-House or Remote) - Start Date: TBD or as 1099 Sales Rep.
  • Marketing\Telemarketing (In-House & Remote, P/T) - Start Date: TBD or as 1099 Sales Rep.
  • Dealers \ Distribution Partners \ Resellers - Start Date: TBD or as 1099 Sales Rep.
Jorlink USA, Inc,
3714 Alliance Dr., Suite 100
Greensboro, NC 27407
TEL: (336) 288-1613
eMail: sales@jorlink.com

M-F 9am-5pm EST 
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