Durable Black Laser Marking Material

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DuraBlack Laser Markable Aluminum

With DuraBlack™ Marking on Laser Markable Aluminum is possible without a protective topcoat. DuraBlack™ is the long-term solution to protecting your government or business assets for the entire life cycle of your equipment even in harsh operating environments. 

DuraBlack Laser Marking Technology


DuraBlack CO2 laser mark was designed to meet MIL-STD-130 and MIL-DT1524F performance requirements. In side by side tests DuraBlack out performed both black anodized aluminum and laser-markable acrylic labels. Visit our DuraBlack Technical Brief

for more details.   High-resolution UID 2D data matrix barcodes and/or text can be applied with a CO2 laser. BuraBlack is available in both 0.005" and 0.020" thicknesses and can be applied to both flat or curved surfaces. 


DuraBlack is composed of multi-level coatings on an aluminum base.  A high performance adhesive back keeps the marker in place.



    •Sizes: 10" x 12", 12" x 20", 20" x 24"

    •Thicknesses: 0.005", 0.020"

    •Attachment Options: 3M 350 Series High-Performance Adhesive or Mechanical (rivets/screws).



Durable Performance Easy Processing Flexible Attachment Options




How to Order:

Call toll free 1-866-288-1613.  DuraBlack is easily marked with a CO2 laser at your location – giving you complete control over where and when asset tags are created. If you prefer to purchase pre-printed labels or pre-fabricated blanks, please contact us for a list of independent converters who are expert, equipped and ready for your call. If you do not have a laser system, we can recommend the models that will best meet your needs.

Jorlink supplies the USA and Mexico.  For product support or training contact Jorlink.


Use the links below to learn more:

DuraBlack Data Sheet

DuraBlack Technical Performance Brief

Processing Guide 

Price Guide


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