Business Philosophy

GCC's business objective is to provide the market with the most reliable products, with the best price, and
supported by impeccable service. At jorLink, our objective is to align ourselves with these technology

GCC looks at their highly efficient R&D team as the driving force behind their success, enabling them to
surpass their competitors in technical excellence.

We both believe that profitability is only one measure of success. We also gauge our success based on the
quality and commitment of our service to our customers.


Dr. Leonard Shih, President of GCC, said that GCC embodies the passion for innovation that is often
found in pioneers that constantly seek new challenges. Through innovation; groundbreaking, state-of-the-
art technology will open the door to new opportunities and enable customers to do more.

Customer Care

At GCC , valuing each customer as an individual is the basis for every decision they make, from
machines that are designed with the customer in mind to partners like jorLink who also make customer
satisfaction our priority.

We persistently seek better ways of connecting with our customers, understanding their needs and how
they use technology, and providing them value through information and support.


GCC is known for its uncompromising and unsurpassed quality. Each system undergoes strict quality
control with state-of-the-art measuring and testing techniques.

Over the years, GCC has established itself as the industry pioneer in supplying the most complete line of
quality cutting plotters, laser engravers and thermal transfer printers. The National Outstanding Award,
the Rising Star Award, and the Symbol of Excellence Awards that GCC has received are just some of the
industry recognition they have been given for their cutting edge work. jorLink is proud to be associated
with GCC since 1999.



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To help protect the environment Jorlink reuses card board boxes