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Purex Fume Extraction Systems

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Jorlink offers Purex's extensive range of fume extraction solutions. These range from machines to protect a single person to powerful centralised systems to cater for multiple users or high volume continuous automated processes (e.g. a PCB production line). Please browse our products by system (right hand menu) or find out which fume extractor you need for your application here.

From Small to Large Scale



Large Scale Fume Extaction
Small project Fume Extraction Systems


Digital Systems
Purex fume extractors with the Digital Control System offer both the performance and inbuilt in safety features to help ensure people are protected from hazardous fumes. The status of the system is shown on a clear graphic display which is simple to use and easy to understand.

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Purext Control Panel | Fume Extraction controls 

Filter replacement monitor



Analogue Systems
A budget version of the Digital system but with many excellent features. This system is supplied on the FumeCube, FumeBuster, Alpha and Xbase fume extractors. 

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Purex Analogue Systems

Cascade Inline Unit

The Cascade Inline Unit acts as an additional pre-filter to capture particles in applications where large amounts of particles are produced extending the life of the main filters. 

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