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Laser Marking Materials

Laser Marking Spray

LaserBond 100

Lower cost alternative for a black high quality mark on metals, glass and ceramics without the need for multiple formulas.

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Compare 5 Laser Marking Products and Materials

Video- Applied Marking Materials Comparison
Note: This video does not test the new Cermark Ultra or the use of a product like DuraBlack which can create a very durable mark on an aluminum plate.


Laserable Metal & Plastic

DuraBlack Laser Markable Aluminum

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 Markable Aluminum made to meet military standards for durability

This product was not shown in the above video becasue it is an aluminum markable material used in environments that would damage other materials.  The military use DuraBlack so they can inventory and track equipment throughout their life. Available in sizes up to 20" x 24" with high performance adhesive optional.

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 AlumaMark Laser Markable Aluminum


CO₂ Markable aluminum for photo quality images

This product was not tested in the above video because it is not an applied substance.  This product is a laser markable aluminum that comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes.  It is available in sheet sizes up to 20" x 24".

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