Laser & Rotary Machine Stock Material From IPI Plastics

Phenolics Vs. Innovative Plastics Impact Modified Acrylic


IPI’s ultimate laser engraving series, 55 stock products, in front and reverse engravable versions and a variety of colors and looks. UV-stable for exterior as well as interior use. Laserables have the most durable micro-surface in the industry, . 0025”, which allows user to laser engrave and/or profile cut with superior ease and quality.

The Laserables Series Laserables - Front Engravables.

 Material Specs   Micro-Surfaced impact acrylic for front engraving
 Sheet Size  24" x 48"
 Thickness  1/16" or 1/8" , 3-ply 1/16"
 Usage   Interior/Exterior Signage;
 Personal Identification
 Cutter Laser Cut or Rotating Carbide
 Cutting Depth  .003"
 Fabrication  Saws, Drills, Heat Bendable,

 Other Features

 Bonds, Hot Stamps,   Silkscreens, UV-Stable, Permits   Fine Detail Engraving

 Check availability with your IPI distributor.
 All LASERABLES are also available in a translucent   version for backlighting.
 Matte or Gloss version available in all products.
 Any IPI color or look can be made into a   LASERABLE.
 Call your local distributor for details and minimums.

Plastic cleaning Recommendations and Tips:

All IPI products are manufactured in the USA and are available only through your Authorized IPI distributor

Note: The information is given in good faith, but no warranty, express or implied, is given.

Distributed by: Jorlink USA, Inc. | Greensboro-NC USA | Tel: (336) 288-1613 | sales@jorlink.com | www.JORLINK.com

Cleaning Recommendations

Tips for cleaning Jorlink's Distributed IPI Plastic materials:

1. As a general rule, IPI recommends using mild soap and water whenever possible.

2. Test a piece of scrap or small area of the material before cleaning entire piece.

3. Use only soft cloths or sponges for cleaning. Do NOT use Brillo®/S.O.S.® pads or steel wool.

4. Use a Q-Tip® to clean small areas.

5. Rinse with warm water.

6. Ultrasonic cleaning is NOT RECOMMENDED for any IPI material.

7. To remove dust from engraved areas, try compressed air before any solvent cleaner.

8. Cleaners with abrasives, such as Comet® brand cleaner, are not recommended.

Some plastic materials such as Red on White are difficult to laser engrave because of the nature of laser heat

and the pigmentation bonding to the bottom lawyer; if the above recommendation fails try the following tips.

IPI Plastics cleaning tips:

Tip # 1: We recommend straight rubbing alcohol, after you should wipe off with damp soft cloth and wipe dry.

Tip # 2: Engrave from the bottom –up less residue, and the laser could be too hot, check setting. Our GCC

Print Driver as other drivers has option of PRINTING from Bottom to Top.

Tip #3: If the above tips do not work, you may need to attempt engraving a second pass on the material to

completely remove the pigments.
















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