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Industrial System Integration Consulting

+ R&D Product Testing



Jorlink USA has an in-house network of veteran specialists with over 25+ years of individual experience working with laser, printing and cutting equipment. We have helped countless start-up companies and larger Fortune-500 companies integrate laser, filtration systems and printing/coding machinery into their manufacturing processes. Not only are we able to source most of the products we recommend, so you’ll get better prices than your competitors, we can provide R&D testing and training for getting your line up to speed as quickly as possible. Whether your company needs to start producing IUID tags in-house or add date coding to your production line, Jorlink’s Team of systems experts are here to assist you.



Specialist Knowledge:

  • Laser Cutting, Engraving, Marking & Coding
  • Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) Production-Line Coding
  • UV Product Printing
  • Direct To Substrate Printing
  • Direct To Garment Printing
  • Fume Extraction & Air Safety
  • IUID Tag Production
  • Parts Marking (In-House or On-Site)
  • COVID-19 Safety Products

5-10 Hours of Testing & Consulting ~ $500+
Over 10 Hours of Testing & Consulting = Quote Needed

NOTE: All shipping costs for product sample testing must be paid for by the customer.
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