T500 Cutting Laser | Cutting Lasers by GCC and Eagle

51 x 35 in. (1300 x 905mm)
60W; 80W; 100W; 150W; 200W+
40 IPS

Reliable and Made in USA CO2 Lasers

The CO2 laser tube is the most critical component of a laser engraver. GCC LaserPro offers the best and most reliable CO2 laser available in the industry. Synrad CO2 lasers are built in the United States with the most advanced laser technology. The laser product is proven to be the most reliable brand with tens of thousands of installations all over the world. read more...
*some wattage may use different brand of laser tube


RoHS Compliance

All GCC products are RoHS-compliant (the European Parliament Directive 2002/ 95/ EC, Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and lead-free (pb free). GCC will continue to concern and provide environmentally friendly products to protect the earth for our further generation.


AC Servo Motor and Unique Motion

High toque and high speed AC servo motor assures long motor lifetime and high precision. A light weight and high strength structure together with AC servo motor and steel cord belt to provide first class stability and accuracy.


Excellent Speedy Scribing Quality

T-500 embrace extraordinary control system and rigid motion system allow user to create top-notch vector scribing quality with high speed.


AAS Contour Cutting Device (patented)(Optional)

Developed by LaserPro, AAS is an exceptionally user-friendly operation which offers accurate and faultless contour cutting by automatically tracking the position of graphics.


SmartPOINT Positioning Device (Patented)

Material positioning made extremely easy by use of 4 red beam diodes. Simply aim each red beam diodes at distinct points on the material and the red beam becomes a very useful positioning tool to replicate previous jobs precisely.


Outstanding Cutting Capability

T500 delivers high cutting quality with LaserPro's unique laser firing control technology. Up to 200W output power options, GCC LaserPro T500 can cut through 1" (25 mm) acrylic in a single pass with a smooth finish and unmatched clear cutting edge.


Superior Engraving Quality

T500 persists with GCC LaserPro's excellent engraving capability.  Having cutting and engraving capability in one product, no more time wasted on switching materials from cutting and engraving machine.  Compare to conventional cutting product. It is difficult to have a good and consistent raster performance with large working area, but T500 can.


Knife-shaped Cutting Table

Unique cutting table with tipped bars that can be easily adjusted without tools to create different levels of working depths.  The cutting table of T500 reduces laser reflections and delivers clear cutting edge.


LED Light Illumination System

A LED light module that illuminates the working space and makes every engraving detail easy to see.


Aluminum Grid Cutting Table

The aluminum grid cutting table is an ideal pal for laser cutting. It lifts the work piece off the work table from hitting by laser reflection while supports it with reinforced aluminum grid design. The dust and vapor created during laser cutting are then taken away effectively through the grid by down vacuum exhaust (suggested using SmartBOX™ together). Rather than handling rigid materials, aluminum grid cutting table also helps to fix flexible materials with the aid of down vacuum SmartBOX™ to keep constant focus distance and consistent cutting result. A clean and better cutting quality is achieved from this technique.


Pass-through Front & Rear Doors

Convenient front and rear door open design enables loading of extremely long working pieces with ease and extends business flexibility.


Built-In Networking Connection

Network connection enables multiple laser engravers to be operated by one PC and multiple PCs to share a single unit of laser engraver. The Ethernet port has made data transmission easier and faster for GCC LaserPro users using network connection. Free your designers with great flexibility and maximum machine versatility...MORE


Job Preview Function

The GCC LaserPro laser engraver all series printer driver features a job preview function that previews graphics before the official laser printing process. One of the highlights of this feature is that it provides an estimated working time*.
The estimated working time is an easy tool for operators to know in advance as how much time will be needed to finish the job for better job management; it is also convenient for a shop to provide a quotation for its laser services.


SmartPRINT™ (Optional) 

The GCC LaserPro SmartPRINT™ software features powerful functions, an intuitive interface and embedded GCC LaserPro laser parameter setting for both MAC and Windows users....MORE
SmartPRINT™ Flyer Download


Bridge Cutting

Bridge Cutting function diversifies the laser cutting into packaging prototyping and fulfill versatile requirements. Define the cutting gap to create the dashed line effect from user friendly print driver interface.
Bridge Cutting online Video


Purex Fume Extraction System

Purex Fume Extraction System

GCC teams up with a UK company to offer the Purex fume extraction unit for its full-line LaserPro laser engraving and cutting systems. These Fume Extraction Systems are specifically designed to prevent personnel from inhaling hazardous fumes and dust generated during the process. Applicable to all GCC LaserPro engravers, the Purex Fume Extraction System represents the latest invention in the exhaust extraction and smoke reduction technology for all types of applications. Noise-free operation, high vacuum capacity, compact design and long life expectancy are just a few of its outstanding features. Powered by a maintenance-free, continuous-running turbine, the Fume Extraction System, which is CE-compliant, ensures personnel safety and legal compliance.

Roll Holder System

Roll Holder System

The optional Roll Holder System for users to manually load roll media like flex, films, labels, technical fiber, felt and more materials for laser cutting and engraving jobs.

Wi-Fi Router

Wi-Fi Router

Wi-Fi router allows you to transmit data through a wireless network. It can work with GCC laser engravers and RX II/ Jaguar V cutting plotters through the Ethernet port (not applicable for Japanese users.) Whether you are sending files to multiple GCC machines using one PC or sharing one unit of GCC machines with multiple PCs, this wireless technology can be an excellent helper.

Extension Table

Extension Table

Extension Roller Tables help loading and unloading large piece work piece with ease, furthermore, it extends the maximum parts size to work with T500. T500 standard work area is 1300x905mm (51”x35”), and it will extend by 1300x600mm (51”x23.6”) respectively in front and rear side of machine when adding extension tables. Therefore, the maximum work piece you can load will be 1300x1500mm (51”x59”) in total. 
Design with mechanical hard stop to ensure the origin position and clamping fixture to hold work piece firmly during laser processing. The Extension Table add-on is the smart way to extend your T500 laser system to fit larger piece materials like 1.5x1m acrylic sheet.

Air Extraction System - T500, X500III

Air Extraction System - T500, X500III

To accomplish strong vacuum ventilation requirement for industrial application, GCC LaserPro X500III and T500 are recommended to supply a more powerful air extraction unit with 8” opening to reach the optimum cutting quality. The air extraction system powered by a maintenance-free turbine takes out the fume and dust generated during laser processing efficiently and effectively, leaves a quality cutting edge and clean operation environment.

Water Chiller

Water Chiller

The water chiller that will be connected to the machine consists of a cooling system, and two tubes that allow inflow and outflow of water. When you turn the power on, the cooling system is activated and delivers cool water to the laser module to absorb heat produced there, and then brings it back to the cooling system to cool down.

AAS Contour Cutting Device (Patented)

AAS Contour Cutting Device (Patented)

Developed by GCC LaserPro, AAS is an exceptionally user-friendly operation which offers accurate and faultless contour cutting by automatically tracking the position of graphics. 
Note: Working area and engraving speed will be reduced when AAS module is installed.

Supporting Pin Kit

Supporting Pin Kit

This design can firmly hold up the working object preventing it from falling off; moreover, it can effectively reduce the possibility of the reflected laser hitting the working object.

SmartGUARD™ Fire Alarm (Patented)

SmartGUARD™ Fire Alarm (Patented)

Laser cutting and engraving operation using the SmartGUARD Fire Alarm assures optimum safety. When there is a malfunction, the alarm system will be active and shut-down the operation system immediately.



T500 and Gaia II

GA ll-5106

GA ll-5110

GA ll-5120

Laser Source

60 W

100 W

200 W

Sealed CO2 Laser




Work Area

50.7 in. x 36.1 in. (1290 mm x 916 mm)

Max. Part Size
(W x L x H)

50.7 in. x 36.1 in. x 2.3 in. (1290 mm x 916 mm x 60 mm)

With SmartEXT

50.7 in. x ∞ in. x 1 in. (1290 mm x ∞ mm x 25 mm)

With Honeycomb

48.8 x 32.2 x 1.0 in. (1240 x 818 x 25 mm) / (With Sink-in Honeycomb Table)


71.6 in. x 49.2 in. x 52.3 in. (1820 mm x 1250 mm x 1330 mm)


420 Kg / 924 lb

440 Kg / 968 lb


AC servo Control

Maximum Speed*

30 IPS

(SIPH-Square Inch Per Hour)

133.2 in 2/hr (864.2 cm2/hr)

Speed Control

Adjustable from 0.1-100% (Up to 16 color-linked speed settings per job)

Power Control

Adjustable from 0-100% (Up to 16 color-linked power settings per job)

Distance Accuracy

0.254mm or 0.1% of move, whichever is greater

Z-Axis Movement


Focus lens

Standard 4.0", optional 2.0" available

Resolution (DPI)

Available 125, 250, 300, 500, 600, 1000

Computer Interface

Standard printer port and USB 2.0** port

Memory Buffer

32MB standard


Standard 4" focal lens in enclosed lens carriage (Optional 2" lens available )

Display Panel

4-line LCD panel showing current file name, total working time, laser power, engraving speed, file(s) loaded into memory buffer, setup and diagnostic menus.


Class 3R for red pointer

Cutting Table

Knife-shaped cutting table with dust collecting tray

Facility Requirements
Operation Voltage

AC 220 V / 15 A

AC 220 V / 20 A

AC 220 V / 20 A

Power Consumption




Air Extraction System

External exhaust system required to connect to 8-inch opening on machine 
Minimum required flow rate: 800m3/h

Air Compressor

Air compressor required

*Speed does not equal to throughput. See dealer or visit www.gccworld.com for more details. 
** File transmission at USB 2.0 Full Speed rate
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

A Pictaure Conveys a Thousand Words

Glass vs. metal laser tube 




Warranty Policy is Effective from 01/01/2019

GCC, a global forefront equipment-manufacturing provider in the visual communication industry, is pleased to announce New Product Warranty Policy. The warranty period for new qualifying machine purchases will be counted from Installation Date provided the following conditions are met.

The condition and workflow have been displayed below :

  1. New Product Warranty Policy is applied to machine shipped from GCC in 2019. 
  2. When the machine sold to end user, it is important to advise end user immediately to link to the GCC’s club http://gccf.gcc.com.tw/gccclub/login.aspx  to sign up and input the machine Serial number and their basic data to activate the machine warranty. Then the warranty of this specific serial number of machine will be changed from the invoice date to data input date (i.e., Purchasing Date that end-user purchases machine) 
  3. However, the max. Periods for end user to activate the machine warranty is 180 calendar days from invoice date.  If machine fails to be registered within this 180 days period, there will be no any extended warranty and the machine warranty period will be by default still from the invoice date.
  4. Warranty for Consumable item, Optional item and Spare parts are counted from GCC Invoice Date without change.


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