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Laser Machines

Jorlink sells and offers technical and training support for a wide variety of lasers to meet your companies needs

Laser Applications:

-Hybrid Lasers With Metal and Glass Laser Tubes
-Laser Marking Machines
-Laser Engraving Machines
-Laser Cutting Machines
-Production Speed Laser Marking Machines
-Large Industrial Lasers

Each category of laser machines is listed below.  Please contact us for help choosing the right laser for your company.

GCC Hybrid Laser Systems

Jorlink carries the full line of GCC quality hybrid lasers. Hybrid lasers are more versitile and more cost effective when you have  different projects coming in. 
For help choosing the right laser system for your company needs please contact us

Products Model Area Zaxis Wattages Speed  
GCCLaserPro New S400
GCCLaserPro New S400

Inherit all the advantages from Spirit Hybrid, a brand new machine – S400 features 140ips processing speed by DC servo motor, innovative touch panel, user friendly interface and a modern good looking design. Together with SmartLID easy access and dust protection, S400 presents you with the highest throughput and precise laser quality. The GCC S400 brings all your imaginations to life at the speed of light.

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MG380-II Hybrid Laser (Coming Soon!)
MG380-II Hybrid Laser (Coming Soon!)

The GCC LaserPro MG380Hybrid is equipped with metal laser tube and glass laser tube at the same time which allow users to produce superior engraving and cutting work piece. This all-in-one machine saves your storage space and makes your profit maximum. The GCC LaserPro always has an edge over the others with numerous uniquely innovative and user-friendly features.

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Spirit GLS Hybrid Engraver
Spirit GLS Hybrid Engraver

The GCC LaserPro Spirit GLS Hybrid is the flagship model of the award winning Spirit line of laser engravers. In succession to GCC LaserPro's worldwide accolades features, Spirit GLS Hybrid further upscales its capability to CO2 & Fiber Hybrid laser option in one system. Let this hybrid laser machine upgrade your business for more engraving, cutting, marking applications on organic and metal materials.

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