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DCS manufactures Direct Jet digital acrylic printers that allow you to print directly onto acrylic awards, plaques, signage and print-to-cut objects. Our digital acrylic printing process produces brilliant photographic-quality color. Pre-coating and high-temperature curing are not required, reducing the acrylic printing equipment needs. DCS even offers a white ink option and clear coat option to give your customers' awards added durability, plus reverse printing on the back side to give your acrylic pieces added depth.

With our UV LED printers, create images and text in a genuine opaque white or use the white as a primer for crisp, vibrant images on clear and colored acrylic. In conjunction with our advanced Colorbyte RIP 9 software, our UV printers are also capable of creating breakthrough raised TEXTUR3D™ prints to bring your pieces to new heights. We additionally offer solvent inkjet printers for those who don't require the opaque white ink and textured printing capabilities.

DCS can also help supply you with acrylic plaques and blank acrylic in any custom shapefor a variety of applications. Our digital acrylic printing equipment and capabilities make printing on acrylic a snap!

Acrylic Printing: Awards, Plaques

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